Lit To Flick

Our bold new initiative of taking the best work of undiscovered writers and adapting their work to the screen, as an independent film, series of films, or dramatic series.

We are accepting unsolicited manuscripts.  Please submit your strongest work.  Reading your manuscript is not a guarantee of anything, it is simply an opportunity for us to get acquainted with your work, and see if it's a good fit.  

STEP 1:  Send a query email briefly introducing yourself, with a short history of your work.  With ONE SENTENCE describe your story.  Example: "My story is about how a unicorn finds a gummy bear at the end of a rainbow".  If we think it's interesting, we'll contact you.

STEP 2:   If we contact you, email your manuscript with the title in the subject line.

STEP 3:   Wait

Send your queries to: