The Word

The Word Series of Stage Plays are Bible based stage plays, given all of the same attention to detail as any other professional production, but all based on Bible narratives.  We are very excited about this developing branch of Landmark Productions, LLC because it promises to cater an audience who rarely gets to see the kind of productions they can share with their families.

If I Perish:  The Story of Queen Esther 

An exiled, and orphaned,  Jewish girl named Hadassah becomes the queen of Persia (modern day Iran) and a beacon of hope for her people when faced with genocide.  This production will mirror the authentic look and feel of the time, along with vibrant traditional music from a time nearly forgotten.

Joseph, The Dreamer

Joseph, the favorite of his father, hated by his brothers and sold into slavery;  only to become the most powerful man in the land, second only to the king himself.  One of the most moving Bible stories, chronicling  Joseph's, seemingly, hopeless circumstance to his rise to power in ancient Egypt.

So much more to come...